10 Indications it’s Time for Electrical Panel Replacement

Spot the signs it's time for an electrical panel replacement with our informative guide. From flickering lights to buzzing noises, ensure your home's safety and increase energy efficiency. Contact Energy Solutions for a free estimate today!

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    Have you experienced flickering lights and tripped circuit breakers as telltale signs that it might be time for an electrical panel upgrade? In this post, we’ll go over why and when to replace your electrical panel and provide a list of signs it could be. Your electrical panel is at the core of your home’s electricity, and a malfunction can pose significant safety hazards and property damage. 

    Here are 10 signs it’s time for an upgrade – and should any appear, make sure to reach out for professional assistance by calling 503-468-4972!

    Signs that indicate the need to replace an electrical panel

    Signs #1: Flickering or Dimming Lights

    If your lights are flickering or dimming when using appliances could be a telltale sign that your electrical panel is struggling to distribute power efficiently and may need replacement, this could indicate your electricity provider needs an overhaul or an update on what the next steps should be for distribution of electricity in your household.

    Sign #2: Regular Circuit Breaker Trips

    Circuit breakers are designed to trip as a safety feature when there’s too much current running through a circuit, if your circuit breaker keeps tripping it could indicate that either an outdated or defective electrical panel exists in your home.

    Sign #3: Burnt Smell or Discoloration

    Smelling burnt plastic or seeing discolored wiring near an electrical panel are telltale signs of overheated wires or damaged wiring that could pose significant hazards, so an electrician must be called immediately to assess the situation and take corrective action as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us at 503-468-4972 today.

    Sign #4: Outdated Panel

    An electrical panel over 20-30 years old could be outdated and not meet current safety standards; such an outdated panel might struggle with modern appliances’ electricity needs and be an increased fire hazard.

    Sign #5: Extension Cords Reliance

    Reliance on extension cords and power strips may indicate that your home lacks sufficient outlets to meet all your electrical requirements, placing additional strain on its electrical panel which might need replacement to guarantee safety.

    Sign #6: Buzzing Noises

    Unusual buzzing sounds coming from your electrical panel may indicate loose connections, damaged breakers, or any number of potential issues which require professional inspection immediately. Contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible so they can inspect it further and determine what’s causing these noises.

    Sign #7: Insufficient Amperage.

    Modern homes require electrical panels capable of handling at least 100-200 amps to function optimally, so if yours can only support lower amperages it may no longer meet all your electrical needs and it might be time for an upgrade.

    Sign #8: No Room For Expansion

    If your current electrical panel has reached capacity and no room remains for additional circuits, then upgrading may be necessary to meet your growing electrical demands. A larger panel would help accommodate this.

    Sign #9: Ungrounded Outlets

    Outdated electrical panels often lack grounded outlets that do not include the third prong for grounding a wire to earth; such ungrounded outlets present potential safety risks like an electrical shock or fire hazards and should therefore always be grounded before being connected with any power.

    Sign #10: Water damage or corrosion

    Water damage or corrosion near an electrical panel should be seen as a warning signal that needs immediate attention; otherwise, it could result in electrical shorts or fires that necessitate replacing it altogether.

    Here Are Five Benefits of Replacing an Old Electrical Panel

    Electrical panel upgrading might not top your to-do list, but its benefits should not be overlooked. Here, we explore five advantages associated with upgrading it that could make for safer, more energy-efficient homes that better equip their occupants for success.

    Benefit #1: Increased Safety

    Replacing an outdated electrical panel with an updated one can bring many significant safety advantages. An upgraded panel can handle modern appliances more efficiently while decreasing fire risks or other hazards due to outdated or malfunctioning systems.

    Benefit #2: Increased Energy Efficiency

    Switching out an electrical panel could make power distribution more effective and result in reduced consumption and utility bills, helping your household be greener while saving money! By optimizing home energy use you won’t only save money but will contribute toward creating a greener world!

    Benefit #3: Increased Home Value

    Upgrading your electrical panel is one way to add value to your home and attract potential buyers by showing that it meets current safety standards and meets modern electrical demands. Your investment could pay dividends when selling off the property later on.

    Benefit 4: Increased Appliance Performance

    An upgraded electrical panel can ensure your appliances perform at peak levels. A stable power source ensures devices work more effectively while lasting longer. You may now even be able to add an EV charger installation after you install a modern electrical panel.

    Benefit #5: Provide Space for Growth

    Upgrading to a larger electrical panel gives you greater freedom in meeting the evolving electrical needs of your home, without fearing overloading its electrical system. By making use of its flexibility, replacing an older panel with one with greater capacities enables you to easily add circuits and outlets as required; making home renovation projects and appliance purchases much less burdensome for electrical services.


    These 10 indicators that it may be time for an electrical panel replacement are flickering lights, frequent breaker trips, burnt smells or discoloration, outdated panels, heavy use of extension cords, buzzing noises, insufficient amperage, lack of expansion space and water damage or rust in outlets and water damage or corrosion of cables and wiring in general – these signs must all be attended to immediately to safeguard both your family’s electrical safety and efficiency. 

    It is important that these symptoms be immediately attended to safeguard both their well-being as well as maintain efficiency within your home electrical system and avoid problems from occurring down the line!

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