Solar Panel Services in the Willamette Valley

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Solar Panel Installation Services in the Willamette Valley

Energy Solutions offers solar panel installation services in the Willamette Valley, and surrounding cities. We’re a company that focuses on helping homes and businesses reduce their electricity costs using solar energy.

Our focus for all residential customers throughout Oregon is to help or eliminate their dependence on utility-supplied power.
Whether you have a flat roof, metal roof, or something in between, we can do a solar installation on most roofs.

Oregon Solar Incentives

Check out the updated list of commercial and residential solar incentives in Oregon for 2023.

Is Solar Worth It In Oregon?

What can Energy Solutions do for you? We offer cost-effective solar design and installation for both residential and commercial customers.

Our number one goal for residential solar panel installations in the Willamette Valley is to help customers minimize or eliminate their electric utility bills. Whether you purchase the system outright or use one of our solar financing partners for a loan, you will own the system and enjoy a substantial reduction of your energy costs.

Whether you have a composition roof, metal roof, or something in between, we can install it on most structures. As an experienced commercial solar panel installation company in the Willamette Valley, we’re adaptable to a variety of building types, slopes, and properties. We work with you to develop a solution that meets your business’s needs.

Watch a Drone Video of Solar Panel Installation

Video Courtesy of the Durham Family (2022)

Use the sun to fight climate change.