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    solar installer removing pv panels from roof

    Most homes built today have roofs that can last between 20 and 50 years. If you and your family live in the same house for many years, this means you’ll likely only need a roof replacement once or twice across a lifetime. While getting a new roof installation in Oregon is a relatively straightforward process, preexisting solar panels on your roof can complicate matters. We offer solar roof reinstallation services for home and business owners in the Willamette Valley. Since you can choose to get a new roof for a variety of reasons, here are some signs you may require a new roof or solar panel removal and reinstallation.

    Smaller Issues Have Smaller Costs

    All roofs benefit from prompt and ongoing care. If you notice that a shingle has fallen off or that erosive weather has caused some damage, it’s best to address the problem immediately. Your roof protects many other housing components, such as the overall structure and insulation. By finishing small repairs when they arise, you’re less likely to experience additional setbacks and costs during a full roof replacement.

    Early Roof Material Aging

    Properly built roofs last for decades, but this doesn’t mean they’re impervious to accidents or unforeseen forces. If your shingles have curled edges or you’re experiencing multiple roof leaks, it’s likely the material is spent. Replacing your roof benefits you immediately, and it’s a boon for interested buyers if you plan to sell your home in the future. By taking advantage of solar roof reinstallation services, after your new roof materials are in place, you maximize the life and long-term appeal of your roof.

    Strong Roofs Prevent Moisture-Related Concerns

    Aside from protection against rain, snow, and extreme heat, a properly built roof will prevent a host of moisture-related concerns. Mildew, mold, and excess water can all make their way under weak or exposed shingles and spread quickly if not counteracted. If you ever see small patches or streaks of black, green, or brown fuzziness on your roof, call a roof expert immediately. The spread of mold spores can be mitigated through decisive action and fast shingle replacement. In more extreme cases, this may require full roof replacement as soon as possible.

    If you have solar panels on your roof and need to replace your roof completely, our solar roof reinstallation services in the Willamette Valley will keep your house’s power source functional and aesthetically pleasing. We commit to one roof at a time, so your home always receives dedicated attention. This way, your roofing improvements and existing solar panels get equally superior treatment from experts in the industry. Ready to learn more? Request a free quote online today!

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