Residential Solar Panel Installation in Oregon

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residential solar

Our number one goal for residential solar panel installations in the Willamette Valley is to help customers minimize or eliminate their electric utility bill. Whether you purchase the system outright, or use one of our solar financing partners for a loan, you will own the system and enjoy a substantial reduction of your energy costs.


Residential Customer

In Oregon, residential systems are “net metered” back to the electric grid as part of the project. This net metering allows you to bank “excess energy credits” with the utility when your system is producing more power than your home is using. These energy credits are then applied to your electricity bill in future months.

Residential Benefits of Going Solar

  • For PGE and Pacific Power customers, the Energy Trust of Oregon offers a generous upfront incentive that reduces your out of pocket cost for going solar. There is also a new Oregon Solar Rebate which begins accepting applications on April 15th, 2020 on a first-come, first-served basis (total funding is limited to $2M).
  • There is a federal tax credit of 26% to help you recoup the initial cost of your residential solar panel installation in Oregon.
  • You can reasonably expect some home appreciation as a result of your renewable energy system—as much as half of the install cost. Your property taxes are not affected by the value of the installed system.
  • Get protection against rising energy costs in the future—you control most of your electricity costs because you own the system!

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