Solar Within Reach: Get Up to 60% CashBack

The Energy Trust of Oregon's Solar Within Reach program provides cash incentives for solar installation, helping over 1,300 income-eligible homes go solar. Find out if you qualify!

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    Solar Within Reach: Oregon’s Latest Incentive for Low-Income Homeowners

    Oregon is making solar power more affordable and accessible to homeowners across the state through its Solar Within Reach program. This innovative initiative offers Oregon solar incentives and rebates to help cover the upfront costs of installing solar panels. The program is facilitated by the Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit working to advance clean energy solutions statewide. Over 2,300 income-qualified Oregon households have utilized Solar Within Reach incentives to go solar since 2020.

    Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

    Switching to home solar energy provides many benefits for Oregon homeowners and the environment. Solar panels generate clean, renewable electricity from sunlight, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Households with solar can lower their energy bills while making a positive environmental impact. 

    As more homes go solar, renewable energy capacity grows statewide. Oregon has set ambitious goals to transition to clean sources, working toward 100% renewable or clean electricity by 2040. Programs like Solar Within Reach help pave the way.  

    How the Solar Within Reach Program Works

    Solar Within Reach aims to make the upfront cost of purchasing and installing solar panels more affordable through cash incentives. Homeowners who meet income requirements – at or below 120% of their county’s median household income level – qualify for Oregon solar rebates up to $9,000. This covers around 60% of installation costs on average. 

    How to Participate

    To participate in the program, you must be an Oregon homeowner and a customer of either Portland General Electric or Pacific Power. Eligible residences include:


        • Single-family homes

        • Manufactured homes

        • Floating homes

        • Condos

        • Multifamily residences (such as attached side-by-side units, duplexes, triplexes, or fourplexes)

      Collaboration with an Energy Trust-approved solar trade ally contractor participating in the Solar Within Reach program is essential. Your contractor will evaluate your home’s suitability for solar energy, provide a detailed project quote including pre- and post-incentive costs, estimate annual savings and energy production, guide you through financing options, handle all necessary solar permitting and paperwork, and ultimately install your solar energy system.

      Please note that the program offers up to 60% cashback for certain income-qualified households, while others may receive a maximum of 40% back.

      Income Qualifications

      Eligibility for this incentive is determined by the total number of residents in your household. Here are the maximum annual gross income thresholds based on household size:


          • 1 resident – $54,240

          • 2 residents – $62,040

          • 3 residents – $69,720

          • 4 residents – $77,520

          • 5 residents – $83,760

          • 6 residents – $89,880

          • 7 residents – $96,120

          • 8 residents – $102,360

        Additional incentives are offered to those who add battery storage to their solar system and other federal and Oregon solar incentives to take advantage of in 2024.

        Determining if Your Home is a Good Fit for Solar  

        While Solar Within Reach targets lower-income households explicitly, solar power can benefit homeowners across income levels in Oregon. The state enjoys sunshine for much of the year, giving solar panels ample resources to soak up rays and generate renewable energy. Homes with south-facing roofs and limited shade from trees or other buildings make ideal sites for solar installation. 

        Households can get a free personalized estimate of solar costs and savings based on their location and electricity usage. For many properties, switching to solar leads to lower energy bills, greater energy independence, and reduced environmental impact over the long term.

        beavercreek solar installer energy system

        Solar Within Reach FAQs

        Explore our Solar Within Reach FAQs to gain insights and clarity on how this program can benefit your solar energy journey, tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances.

        What are the main benefits of solar power for homeowners?

        The main benefits of installing solar panels for homeowners include lower monthly electricity bills, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, greater energy independence from the grid, and making an environmentally sustainable choice. Solar power generates clean, renewable energy from sunlight. 

        What incentives does Oregon's Solar Within Reach program offer? 

        Oregon's Solar Within Reach offers cash incentives up to $9,000 along with additional rebates for homeowners who install solar paired with battery storage. These rebates aim to cover around 60% of solar installation costs on average for income-eligible households.   

        Who qualifies for Oregon's Solar Within Reach program?

        Solar Within Reach is available to Oregon homeowners whose household income level is at or below 120% of their county's median income. Additional eligibility requirements related to homeownership status apply.

        How can homeowners check the potential for solar energy generation in their area?

        Homeowners can get a personalized site analysis and estimate of solar costs, savings, and potential based on their location and electricity usage at Energy Solutions. This can help determine if solar installation makes sense financially.

        What goals has Oregon set related to solar and renewable electricity generation? 

        Oregon aims to transition to 100% clean and renewable energy for electricity statewide by 2040. Programs like Solar Within Reach help advance solar capacity to work toward this goal. Installing more solar panels on homes supports the growth of renewable energy in Oregon.


        With ample sunshine and support from programs like Solar Within Reach, Oregon homeowners have a prime opportunity to harness solar energy. Transitioning more households to renewable power will help Oregon progress toward its clean electricity goals while making energy more affordable and sustainable. 

        Low-income homeowners in Oregon interested in going solar can check their eligibility for incentives and rebates to get started. With options like Oregon’s Solar Within Reach, the future is bright for solar energy in the Beaver State.

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